sexta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2008

Brit says she's really happy

TROUBLED BRITNEY SPEARS dons ripped tights and a man’s shirt and tie to go on a midnight shopping trip in LA - and insists she is “having a great time”.

The pop star, 26, pulled faces at photographers, right, after getting designer shop Kitson to open for her.

Flanked by her adviser SAM LUFI and and Danish playboy CLAUS HJELMBAK, she told a journalist pal on the phone: “I’m great! I’m really happy.”

Spears is said to have spent £5,000 in the designer shop walking away with a slew of items, including a blue £132 Great China Wall sweatshirt, a £45 bottle of Agent Provocateur perfume, a £230 L.A.M.B. handbag and a £42 Blue Anchor hoodie.

Britney, who had a breakdown earlier this month, also discussed Hjelmbak’s pre-Oscars party next month. She agreed to host the bash, saying it would be “fun”.

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