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No success in search for Okahandja farm attackers

A GANG of men that on Tuesday morning last week violently attacked the widow of an Okahandja district farm owner who was murdered on his farm seven years ago remained on the run as a Police search for them continued yesterday.

The 56-year-old Eveline Kober, widow of murdered farm owner Leopold Kober, was attacked in her house at farm Bag-Bag northwest of Okahandja at about 04h00 on Tuesday last week, according to the Namibian Police's Public Relations and Liaison Division.

Mrs Kober was attacked by suspects who had entered her house after forcing open a window, the Police reported.

The attackers demanded safe keys from her, but did not manage to remove anything before they fled the scene, which they did after Mrs Kober had managed to alert her son, who lives in another house near her house.

According to a Police spokesperson, Warrant Officer Kauna Shikwambi, no one had been arrested by yesterday in connection with the attack.

Shikwambi said footprints followed from the scene of the attack indicated that three or four people had left the scene.

The attackers used a vehicle to flee, she said.

There was no description of the suspects available, she said.

Mrs Kober had to be treated in hospital in Windhoek after the attack.

According to Shikwambi it is suspected that a piece of wood found at the scene was used to beat Mrs Kober.

Bag-Bag was the scene of a gun attack that claimed the life of Mrs Kober's 68-year-old husband on November 1 2000.

Mr Kober was shot dead at a cattle post at the farm, where two men were lying in wait for him.

An AK-47 rifle belonging to the Namibia Defence Force was used to kill him.

The two men present when he was killed, Alfeus Kahira and Jeffrey Kaome, were both put on trial in the High Court, where they ended up accusing each other of firing the shots that killed Mr Kober.

At the end of their trial only Kahira, an Okahandja resident who worked as a welder and was then aged 42, was convicted.

He was sentenced to an effective 40 years' imprisonment on March 26 2003.

To the end he insisted that it was his co-accused, and not him, who had actually murdered Mr Kober.

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