sexta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2008

Kylie Minogles guys on Google

IT’S usually blokes who are caught checking out girls on t’internet – mouse firmly in the left hand.

But I’m delighted to discover KYLIE MINOGUE is also a fan of clicking out the opposite sex.

The singer, who is back in the dating saddle, has admitted using web search engine Google to find out if celebrity men she fancies are single.

Sister DANNII has been known to do the same. When Kylie was asked if she also indulges, she blurted out: “I can’t lie. I did it with a friend and she would out me. I can’t tell you who, though.”

Gordon Smart, maybe? If only.

Giggling Kylie added: “I simply cannot reveal this information at this time.”

But the pint-sized pop stunner then admitted on Aussie radio that she has been investigating one famous face - and my money is on Brit TV star MATHEW HORNE who she met when they filmed The Kylie Show last November.

The ITV1 variety special to celebrate Kylie’s 20 years in pop music saw E4 host and actor Mathew appear with her in a series of comedy sketches, as her assistant.

Well, when I Googled Mr Horne to see what Kylie might discover, something rather interesting happened.

Mathew’s MySpace page came up with the quote: “She’s so hot, she’s making me sexist.”

An apt description for Ms Minogue, if you ask me.

Another site I found was entitled: “Pls tell me Mathew Horne is not gay.” The plot thickens.

But I still reckon Mathew could well be the lucky, lucky fella - he admitted on Never Mind The Buzzcocks the other week that he had sent Kylie flowers and his phone number.

One star we can cross off the list of possible Kylie targets is MACCA.

She flatly denied it is the wobbly-eyebrowed knight she is checking out, despite comments about the chemistry between the pair when they duetted on JOOLS HOLLAND’s Hootenanny show on New Year’s Eve.

She hardly needs check online to find out Sir Paul’s current marital status.

Kylie said: “It seems that anyone I’m near, I’m dating - and recently it was Macca. But it was such a thrill to perform with him. I was looking at him and thinking, ‘Legend!’”

Well, I bet Macca was looking back at Kylie and thinking: “No More Lonely Nights.”

The pint-sized pop stunner has been single since finishing with OLIVIER MARTINEZ last year. She is 40 in May and hot property for one lucky bloke out there.

So get on to Google, lads, and Kylie could be yours for Valentine’s Day next month.

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