quinta-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2008

'Israel wants to attack us again'

The Winograd Committee's findings prove that Israel intends to attack Lebanon again, Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Saniora said Thursday.

In an official statement released by the Lebanese prime minister, he said that the report calls for Israel to prepare for the next war, which shows that it "has not learned from its defeat."

Saniora said that if the Lebanese people are united, they can repel such an offensive.

He went on to claim that the report "ignores Israel's crimes" against his country.

It was the first Lebanese response to the final war report since its release Wednesday afternoon.

Later Wednesday, Lebanese Chief of Staff General Michel Suleiman said that the report showed Israel admitted to initiating the 2006 war.

On Wednesday, hours after the report's publication, Hizbullah said that Winograd's findings proved that Israel suffered a defeat in its military campaign.

"The report confirms what was known by Hizbullah for a long time: Israel completely failed in achieving its goals, and the Israeli military suffered a defeat," Agence France Presse quoted the group as saying.

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